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I 'Popped' to Norway for a cheeky break !!







































 I also managed to move house, so after a really hard day, here I am relaxing..



 I got a phone call.....


What???? You want me to go to Zante?

Passport? errrrr.......oh here it is. Phew !!

Got to the airport in good time





Even managed some duty free shopping!!

On the aeroplane now.....getting nervous. I haven't flown before..

Well the flight was fantastic, got to see a few mountains and lots of cloud. I got to the hotel and couldn't wait to get into ......

 I had a wonderful dip, and Mummy helped me to dry.

 Then it was sunbathing time !!!!!



 Yes i did use sunscreen !!


I went for a ride

On one of these...

To see....

What a fantastic holiday..... Got to rush now because I'm moving home soon..











We went on an exciting seaside holiday to South Wales, to a place called Carmarthenshire


 7It took a long time to drive there, but we knew that were had arrived when I saw a sign with a big red dragon, which is the national emblem of Wales.



                      2I bought a Welsh flag at a shop for me to wave.





4We found a place to have a break just for me. It was called the Bear Hotel !



1 When we got to the seaside there was miles and miles of sand for me to play on.






8I hid between the rocks on the beach he-he.







3I played on a boat which was painted in the RNLI colours- they save people who have difficulties at sea.





 6We went to a big old castle                





5I found some lovely flowers to hide in.









The seaside is so much fun!

More adventures soon

Baldwin Bear xx


 My day out in London


10We had a brilliant day out in London.

We parked the car at Finchley Central station and travelled on an underground tube train to Central London.




1We then went down a road called Whitehall to a place called Horseguards Parade.

We saw soldiers there sitting on their horses.





We then walked to a road called the Victoria Embankment, to a big river called the River Thames.

It’s much wider than the River Soar where we sail our two boats.

2On the other side of the river was a huge wheel called the London Eye.



I had my picture taken there. All the little black dots around the wheel are see-through capsules where people sit and stand to get a good view of London.

3Perhaps they could see me as I waved to them.

4When we were walking from the River Thames a fast boat came by carrying lots of people.

They all seemed to be having a good time - just like we do on our boat day trips on Dandelion and St Clare.


5We passed by a very famous police station on the embankment called New Scotland Yard.

I was on my very best behaviour when we stopped outside the Police station to have my photo taken!!



6We then walked through a big arch into Horse Guards Parade where each weekend there is a ceremony with the guards on their horses.




8After this we walked to a place called Piccadilly Circus where lots of roads all meet at a big island, this is why it is called circus because that is the Latin name for a circle. In the centre of the island is a monument called the Eros. There are lots of different stories about the statue and people were taking lots of pictures of it.







We then walked to the West End of London where all the Famous theatres are and I had my picture taken outside one of the theatres where a show called Les Mis was being performed.



We passed Paddington and I looked out for an old friend of mine there (I think he was hiding because i didn't see him).

11We then went to a big building called the Natural History Museum, and I sat on the knee of a famous man called Charles Darwin.

When we went through the Gift shop I met two friends with long hair and beards who looked like Charles Darwin (hehe).


13I'm back at home now snuggled in bed, boy it's been a long day.

More adventures soon.....

Love Baldwin.