OCTOBER 2017. An early fundraising meeting of the Baldwin Trust was taking place.

 Sitting round a dining room table in a riverside house in Barrow, our volunteer Richard Jayes, looked at the other two volunteers, stopped the conversation, and said “I’ve got it! We’ll call our new boat fundraising project “Put a foot in the water for the Baldwin Trust”. The two other volunteers appeared confused. “What does that mean?” asked one.

“Well, think about it” Richard continued, “we can’t expect people to donate money to buy a whole 65’ narrow boat, so why don’t we ask them to contribute a small portion of a boat, like a foot’s worth? A new boat would be £110,000 so a foot of boat will cost around £1,700! Surely, this is more acceptable for people to consider? If they want to give more they can give two feet or three feet of the boat’s cost”.

And so our project was launched! The idea of giving a cash donation to fund a small portion of a boat seems very real to most people and the response has been great. The need is not just for one boat and the principle of “putting a foot in the water” will be carried on until we have the funding to replace both of our very old boats and look forward to taking many isolated and disabled people of all ages out onto the waterways for day trips with the Baldwin Trust. Please visit our Donations Delights section to find out how we are doing to reach our various targets.


  Can you help?

 If you can help, please contact our secretary for more details.

Thank you in advance for your support.